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I live in South Wales and I want a Headstone in Newcastle. Can you do it?

Yes. All our Headstones are made in a central location, so we can supply to any part of England and Wales (a small additional charge will be made for Devon and Cornwall).

How soon can a Headstone be erected after the funeral?

It may be six months or more before the ground is sufficiently firm to provide a solid foundation for a new memorial.

How long does it take to make and letter a Headstone?

Generally, from receiving an order to completion of a memorial in the cemetery can take 10 - 12 weeks, so order in good time for important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc. If you are in any doubt please contact us.

What is the best kind of Headstone to buy?

Taking into account the quality of material, the British weather and value for money, grey or black granite is the best. It is very hard and when it is polished to a high gloss finish and lettered to a high standard looks unbeatable.

What can I write on the Headstone?

You can write anything you like that will reflect the life of the person who passed away and the thoughts of those who are left. All inscriptions must be submitted to the burial authority concerned and they may request amendments depending upon decency, good taste or regulations in place at the time. We will do this for you.

What if I want something different to what is on offer?

Please discuss any requirements you have with us. We will be pleased to work with any request you have and give you a price without obligation.

What if I don't like the quality of your workmanship?

Let us know within seven days of the memorial being erected in the cemetery and we will remove the memorial from the cemetery and give you your money back (except cemetery fees) - no problem.

Can anybody order a Headstone for the grave?

Any member of the family or friend can order a Headstone, but the person who took responsibility for the grave to be opened on the last occasion must give their permission before the cemetery authorities will give their permission.

What should I do if the Headstone is damaged on the grave?

Contact us immediately giving us brief details of the damage that has occurred. We will do everything we can to repair or replace the Headstone for you as soon as possible. Where memorial insurance cover has been arranged we will arrange for a claim form to be sent directly to you;- the client.

I want something different. What can I have?

All the headstones shown are just a few examples of what we can do. Any of the designs, shapes or sizes are interchangeable. However, if you want something completely different please contact us direct on 0800 975 9438 and we would be please to assist you.


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