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Introduction is an internet trading name for Mastercraft Memorials Ltd. 

Prices shown on the website are available only through the site and cannot be extended to any other similar product that the company provide through any other advertising medium.

Principles of  Business at
Our business ethic is to provide the highest quality memorials, lettered to the best of our ability and erected in the cemetery using best practice. Using the medium of the internet rather than traditional marketing tools we are able to keep our prices as low as possible. To reinforce our commitment to total customer satisfaction and the confidence we have in our products, we guarantee that if the client is dissatisfied with the quality of any memorial provided by we will remove the memorial and refund any deposit paid (except for fees paid to cemetery or churchyard authorities).

How to place an Order
Fill in as much information as possible in the Brochure section of this web site and submit the details (At this stage you are not committed to a contract of any kind). Please telephone us on 0800 975 9438 if you require any assistance. On submission we will check the details carefully and confirm the cost of the memorial. If you wish to proceed with the order, we will then contact you for further information on certain items such as the grave number, section and burial authority's address and telephone number.

The cemetery authority will then be contacted to find out their fees and receive guidance on the type of memorials they will accept in their cemetery. A formal written contract will be sent to you for authorisation,- it is at this point that you will be entering into a contract. On receipt of the order and a 20% deposit Mastercraft Memorials will make a formal submission to the cemetery authority to erect a memorial in their cemetery and the appropriate fees will be paid. When permission has been granted by the cemetery authority, 80% of the outstanding will then be due, on receipt,  production of the memorial will be scheduled. On completion the headstone will be erected in the cemetery where upon the balance of the account will be due. The memorial cannot be produced until the cemetery authority has given permission and the second payment has been received by Mastercraft Memorials Ltd.

Conditions of Sale
The Client should check the details of the order and the wording of the inscription carefully. Particular care should be taken in the spelling of names and the accuracy of dates. The company will not be responsible for mistakes made by the client. Any alterations should be notified to the company and confirmed in writing within seven days. The company cannot accept responsibility for any errors in the details on the order form once it has been accepted as correct by you.

Promise of completion at a given date is subject to strikes, lockouts, accidents, non delivery of materials, unacceptable flaws in materials or any other matter beyond our control. Every effort will be made to comply with the customers wishes

Should the burial authority refuse permission for the memorial to be erected on the grounds which could not be contemplated by the customer when signing our contract, Mastercraft Memorials (trading as agree to refund the customer all monies received and neither party shall have any further claim on the other

The prices quoted are for the specific memorial style, material, design and shape shown on the website. Mastercraft Memorials Ltd., reserve the right to increase the price shown for any alteration or amendment made to the designs shown.

It shall be the customers responsibility to notify Mastercraft Memorials Ltd., prior to the contract being signed if the grave is situated on sloping ground. Mastercraft Memorials reserves the right to make an additional charge and/or to vary the specification where additional work and/or variation of the specification is required to adapt the memorial to sloping ground or otherwise comply with the burial authorities regulations.

The charges listed in the brochure section are quoted in good faith but are subject to change in the case of increase in costs or material, or changes in fees charged by the cemetery or churchyard authorities and changes in the rate of VAT.

The costs of delivery and installation in local cemeteries are covered within the prices stated. However the company reserves the right to levy an additional charge for certain areas outside our usual trading area, you will be advised on such charges before you place an order with us. 

The lettering style, layout, size and proportion of brochure design is 'representative' of that used by the monumental mason. However, the monumental mason will have the discretion to amend the inscription in anyway unless you specifically request otherwise in which case you will be sent a 'print out' to check that every detail is acceptable. An additional charge will be made where two or more 'print outs' are requested.

All measurements are subject to slight variation due to saw tolerance and polishing variances.

As the natural materials we use vary from time to time in colour and texture, the goods are sold subject to such variations.

Imperial measurements may be converted to metric in accordance with a scale approved by the joint Council for the Monumental Industry

Terms of payment;- The initial deposit and the first payment are set out above with the final payment due within seven days of  invoice. If you dissatisfied with the quality of the memorial and you would like a refund as set out previously, you must notify the company in writing within fourteen days of the invoice. Please write to the Managing Director, Mastercraft Memorials Ltd (Head Office), 470 Great Horton Road, Bradford BD7 3HR. 

All cemeteries have slightly different rules and charges. The fees due to cemetery authority are not included in the prices quoted on this website and will be added to overall cost of the memorial when they are known.

In some burial grounds, the cemetery authority does not mark the grave and there may be no representative available to show the mason where the grave actually is. In all circumstances we request that our customer provide us with a sketch map indication the position of the grave and mark the grave with some kind of identification. We would be glad to provide the necessary marker for the client to put in situ.

Mastercraft Memorials Ltd cannot accept responsibility for removing and replacing any items on the grave that belongs to the client or their relatives, such as Photographs, wind chimes, concrete edging, plants and flowers, toys, teddy bears and other sentimental items that may be lost, damaged stood on or broken when the memorial is being erect. Mastercraft Memorials respectfully ask that all such items are removed or the erection of the memorial may be cancelled until such times the items are removed.

Mastercraft Memorials Ltd., reserve the right to use photographs of any memorial supplied for the purpose of advertising and inclusion in brochures or on the website.




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